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Affichage des articles du mars, 2009

Arthur's Bar this Wednesday

I will be happy to see you all at the Arthur’s Bar, Pont de la machine, Wednesday 25 Of March for 7pm. 
The Bar is booked for us , bring friends as well, the more networking the merrier, 
The Bar is located on a Bridge : pont de la Machine 1 ,
The event start at 07:00 pm and we meet at the bar as usual 

See you there  Cheers Patrick
>>> Remember : Please settle your drinks/food at the bar<<

Dream Apéro "'Art et Culture" - Genève

Après le lancement de DREAMSHAKE.COM en France, en Belgique et en Suisse ( le 4 décembre dernier avec le succès du 1er Dream Apéro), l'équipe Dreamshake Suisse organise un second Dream Apéro à Genève pour fédérer tous les artistes autour de leurs rêves et projets !

Ecrivains, Réalisateurs, Producteurs, Photographes, Peintres, Sculpteurs, Galeristes, Designers, Stylistes, Illustrateurs, Graphistes, Comédiens, Musiciens, Danseurs, Institutionnels et Fondations, Professionnels ou Amateurs… ce Dream Apéro vous est dédié ! 

Dream Apéro "Art et Culture" le jeudi 19 Mars 2009

Club House (anciennement Heaven)
25 rue Phillippe Plantamour (quartier des Pâquis - en face du Grand Duke pub) - Genève
Droit d'entrée : 10 CHF + Conso gratuite 

Organisation de la soirée :
- Espaces de discussion tels que le cinéma, la photo, la musique, le design…
- Présentations de rêves et projets artistiques en live
- Performances artistiques (peinture, vidéos..)

L'évènement étant plus qu'ouvert, vo…

"SEX and the CITY" Geneva style

Birthday Fairy Says "Farewell" but not without having a birthday event to remember!!!
A combined March birthday drinks, MY birthday & farewell in a "SEX and the CITY" Geneva style! 

We have reserved an area of "FLOOR TWO" lounge bar at the Kempinski overlooking the lake.

Cosmopolitan martinis and special cocktails on offer. (#)
DJ playing hit songs from SATC.

Ladies get your Manolo Blahnik's and put on those flower dresses,
Men, dress to impress, like Mr.Big or any other favorites from SATC. 
Your Carrie, Samantha, Miranda or Charlotte-wanna-b's await ;) 

Best dressed female / male competition during the evening.

This event is NOT to be missed. 

(All different styles of dress codes are possible! be creative!!! :)

Birthday Cake: 9:00pm

(#) You must register at the entrance to receive your Glocal ID.
This is req'd to get the drinks from the Glocals menu.

* need one last help transporting the big cake from Manor to Kempinski at 6:30!
* Smokers pls be consid…

Resto's By Arthur

Dear Readers of this blog ,  I'm organizing a drink and I will be happy to see you.
It's at the Arthur’s Bar, Pont de la machine, Wednesday 25 Of March for 7pm. 
The Bar is booked for us and the location is "Resto's By Arthur" . The Bar is located on a Bridge : pont de la Machine 1 . 

I will be close to the door entrance to welcome you.

My contribution to the list of social networking websites

Today I decided to add Internations in the Wikipedia list of social networking websites , if nobody is doing it then why waiting ?  
Wikipedia info are now like Google info, if it's not on wikipedia and if you can't find it via Google then it does not exist ...

Except Wikipedia, there is no mention of a list of social networking websites on the web. And still no official organism that track all the social networking websites you can find on the net. It's surprising since we usually make so much noise when there is a group of 10 people connected to each other for the same purpose like religion, politics etc ..

Here you have almost 300 Millions people connected on social networks and there is just a tiny entry in Wikipedia for the list of networks that represent them.

For me these 300 millions people represent a huge power and eventually politicians will have to deal with them.

The members for Facebook are growing in a impressive way for example.

I did not enter any numbers yet fo…

Is thinking Geneva is ready for twitering now

Why Europe is always late when it come to adopt new social 'high tech' gadget ? 

Well, it's Europe, founded 2000 years ago you see, it takes time to adopt new technology , early adopter are miserable here sometime .

I subscribed to Twitter 2 years ago and my friends and followers are ... in california, not a big surprise for me.

Ok, but now I decided it's time now to evangelize Geneva and spread the twitering habit and concept around me ( as of today )

First : open an account here :

Second : 'Follow' me , follow me here, , it's where I am and where I go

Third : if I 'tweet' , next wednesday there is a party at 22 grand rue bar, then you can believe it, just come.

So , See you next Wednesday then, at 22 grand rue !