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Affichage des articles du novembre, 2005

Google Video

If you search "Computer AT / XT" at yahoo video you should find the first video I post on google. Their service is in Beta and it's going to be the next huge topic in the futur, the fact that you can share your video, any kind of video is impressive, it's not any more text or image but videos, google is going "live" soon ..

Open Content Alliance

"will offer broad, public access to a rich panorama of world culture by building a permanent archive of multilingual digitized text and multimedia content".
Finally we are going to share knowledge with the people that canno't access it.


YoPoW stands for: Your Photos on the Web, it has a Wizard to create Web Album . It is a little difficult to understand at the beginning but it's a geat tools.

Patrick Nouhailler

Google Print

To view pages of books when Google find a reference to your search in a book .. It's impressive. They just have to scan the entire books on the planete and every content will be then accessible, good luck for this task.

Patrick Nouhailler

Google Earth

See the Earth from the best satellites pictures, amazing !

Patrick Nouhailler


"Create, transport, share and enjoy your data, music, photo and video: in a single one product!"
I use it almost everytime I have to wait for something or someone, you can view your favorite show, video, season and listen your favorite music, audio book, with a very clear definition of sound (headset recquired) and image.

Patrick Nouhailler